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Fantasy       Dragon Snot and Chosen OnesBy Therese Arkenberg
"I'm not like all the other dragons," it sniffs.

I sigh and lower the point of my spear. Seems like this one wants to talk. Over the years I've realized that dragons, like humans, will gladly unburden themselves
Views:6092      Rating:6.2 / 23

Fantasy       The VanguardBy Geoffrey C Porter
I kicked my heels into the horse to keep up with the others, and for the first time since the start of this ordeal, I thought to myself, I'm too young to die. The horse galloped forward, and in the distance, the edge of a great field of tall grass lined the horizon.
Views:5213      Rating:7.4 / 9

Fantasy       No MagicBy Jennifer R. Povey
Derik had no magic. To his people, in his world, that was like being born without a sense or a limb.

He had no magic, and thus he was suited only to the most menial of tasks, and employed out of pity in a job that could have been...
Views:2591      Rating:6.1 / 65

Fantasy       SatineBy Stephanie Speciale
The carriage parked at the end of a drawbridge. A castle loomed ahead, separated from the land by a ring of deep, murky water. As he looked at the worn, Gothic architecture, Anthony Carbuncle couldn't help feeling nervous.
Views:4232      Rating:8.9 / 68

Fantasy       VeronicaBy Brendan Detzner
It was two o'clock in the morning. Veronica knew for sure now that she was being followed. She'd circled the block three times, a quiet row of identical houses. There were no streetlights, no anything for at least half a mile in every direction except for the two of them,
Views:5626      Rating:6.8 / 16

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