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Horror       That Blasted HorseBy Jennifer R. Povey
It all started with that blasted horse. A cowboy needs a horse that's tough, one that won't take any more shit than he will. Your average, regular horse, when a steer runs right at him, he'll run.
Views:2681      Rating:6.1 / 22

Horror       Werewolf's TailBy Geoffrey C Porter
Emily peered into the dark recesses of her school locker seeking out her tattered book of poetry. She simply knew it was in there somewhere, perhaps behind her Unicorn covered notebook... She felt hands squeeze her breasts and a bulge rub against the crack of her ass. She shrieked and spun
Views:6560      Rating:5.6 / 76

Horror       You Don't Want What I GetBy Michelle Ann King
The others don't like me. Partly because I'm a girl and partly because I don't like them either, but mostly because I'm treated differently.

When they go up to collect their cut I stay where I am, sitting on the table. Smoking. They don't like that either, some of them. Bunch of tough guys,
Views:3343      Rating:6.8 / 25

Horror       A Day And Two Nights When I Was TwentyBy Brendan Detzner
I refuse to feel bad about it. It was a bad thing that happened, and that's all. I wasn't punished, and did not punish. It's tempting to go further then that, but it's poisonous, and I won't do it.
Views:4288      Rating:7.5 / 37

Horror       OctoberBy Geoffrey C Porter
The full moon above twisted the shadows into shapes of demons and specters. I clutched at Jessica's hand as we walked through the woods looking for refuge. October is upon us, echoed through my mind, and the beasts and goblins reigned like tyrants this year.
Views:2860      Rating:5.8 / 7

Horror       Flash FloodBy Joe Nazare
For many, the storm had assumed seriously biblical proportion within two days and nights, and any facetious talk about needing to build an ark was scuttled once the rain-swollen Sabine slipped its yoke and ran wild through the town.
Views:5356      Rating:7 / 13

Horror       JusticeBy Jason Lairamore
Ash lay behind, all over the world. Everything hurt. All of it. Ever since she died.

I lie at the tree line under a cover of dead leaves and scan the open plain for signs of life. It's midday, but the sky is overcast enough to make it look near dusk.
Views:2172      Rating:7.6 / 30

Horror       Everyone Loves Peanut ButterBy Erica L. Davis
I could feel a sunburn soaking into my skin halfway between the gas station and my house. I was sticky, dehydrated, and cranky, so the sunburn was just the cherry on top. I knew I should have checked the gas before shoving Edgar in the trunk, but it wasn't on my list of priorities right then.
Views:5099      Rating:6.4 / 24

Horror       Friends ForeverBy Cher Green
The strong breeze pushed the kite higher and carried the now familiar voice across the backyard.

The call floated through the air, like the sounds of the wind chimes on her neighbor's back porch. Clorisa began hearing the voice a few weeks
Views:4824      Rating:6.1 / 25

Horror       Mr. FluffyBy Barbara A. Barnett
Figures, Pete thought as he stared into the rabbit cage. Mr. Fluffy lay corpse-still, his formerly floppy ears rigid and his pink nose no longer twitching. The damn rabbit would have to up and die on Good Friday.
Views:4644      Rating:6.8 / 30

Horror       OtalgiaBy Fox Hill
Joan's inner ear itched, and though she had tried to ignore, her success was minimal at best. The itch was a visceral thing, and not as easily fixed as a stray hair finding its way deep within the cavity. She laid still for as long as she could in hopes of not waking her roommate Stefanie...
Views:7965      Rating:6.8 / 46

Horror       Trolls & RabbitsBy Geoffrey C Porter
The rain fell like icy steel pins. Lightning etched between clouds high above illuminating the landscape. The troll ducked under a tree and shivered. He looked down at the knife in his right hand. He dropped the knife and ran for home.
Views:2979      Rating:7 / 10

Horror       Your Wicked PartsBy Amanda C. Davis
The monster returned to Marlie's bedroom closet in eighth grade, after she had almost forgotten about it. Marlie lay awake listening to the whispers for one agonizing night. In the morning, she twisted a wire hanger into a jam to hold the knobs together. It could not be killed, she knew, but perhaps
Views:6125      Rating:7.3 / 38

Horror       Room To LetBy Beki Muchow
Mitzi pulled up to the curb in front of a lovely old Victorian home.

"What's that they say? If it sounds too good to be true..." she muttered, reading the ad again, certain it was a misprint. But desperate times called for desperate measures. She had to check it out.
Views:789      Rating:8.1 / 9

Horror       The Office ZombieBy Carolanne Patton
Caitlin sat in her cubby and blissfully typed away on her computer, unaware of the menace that stalked the halls in her quiet little office. She reached over and absently picked up a cat toy and looked at it sadly. It had belonged to the office cat, Max, who had passed away recently.
Views:4820      Rating:6.1 / 12

Horror       Running With the PackBy Darrel Duckworth
Slipping between the leaves, I scanned the jungle, looking for movement or a wrong shape that would mean a human or other threat...feeling with my feet for trip wires...sniffing the air.
Views:2138      Rating:7.6 / 16

Horror       The NoteBy Karen Heslop
"Is everything okay Mom?" I asked.

"Yes dear. Everything's fine."

Her smile was very tentative and I knew she was lying but 16 years in this house had taught me the futility of asking probing questions.
Views:880      Rating:7.6 / 12

Horror       The Black CrayonBy Alexis A. Hunter
I pause after sliding the door shut behind me. The interior of the trailer is heavy with hazy twilight. Strangled beams of the setting sun slip between the edges of fire-engine red curtains. I sigh and lean against the door, just breathing in the silence. My gaze travels lazily over the walls;
Views:3226      Rating:6.3 / 45

Horror       The Christmas VultureBy James S. Dorr
It was her second favorite night of the year, the Friday night that fell just before Christmas. She cruised the highways leaving the city, her black vulture wings blotting out the moon, as scudding clouds moved in to add to the darkness. A turkey vulture, she had a well developed sense of smell,
Views:6265      Rating:7 / 13

Horror       Koko's RabbitBy James S. Dorr
Sometimes Koko's rabbit would tell her stories.

These weren't pleasant stories, by and large. Mostly they tended to be stories about things with fangs and claws, the sorts of things rabbits feared.
Views:5087      Rating:5.5 / 10

Horror       Trading UpBy Tracie McBride
Mamma has always had a love for other people's possessions. Her house is like a giant magpie's nest. Everything in it is second-hand, some items legitimately purchased but most stolen. A collection of knick-knacks clutters her mantelpiece, thrown together with no regard for colour, form or value.
Views:6012      Rating:7.7 / 35

Horror       Goblin SoupBy Geoffrey C Porter
Heather brushed a few errant strands of straight, brown hair out of her eyes. "You know there's a goblin living in the woods..."

I raised one eyebrow. "Which woods?"

"That little chunk of woods between Willow and Vine." She pointed in the direction of the woods...
Views:2946      Rating:7 / 27

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