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Literary       Kill MommyBy John C. Wiswell
Five minutes into the first quarter, Bob heard something behind him. He looked behind the sofa and saw his son trudging towards the stairs. He wore his cowboy hat and cap gun belt.

"What did Mom say about wearing that stuff inside, Junior?"

The boy didn't look at him. He said, in a pathetic John Wayne impression, "I've come to kill Mom."
Views:9864      Rating:9 / 103

Literary       The Girl Who Wanted To Walk On WaterBy John J Brady
The other side of the lake was so far away that Maria could barely make out the unfinished bridge's sole remaining arch. Yet it was no further than every other time and surely today would be the day when she finally made it. She left her sandals on the grass and winced as the pebbles pressed into he
Views:2773      Rating:7.6 / 14

Literary       The Circle LineBy Sheila Crosby
"You want to look to stop looking back," said Chas. "You and me, girl, that's the future."

He worked hard for our future, too. At least twice a week he'd drag himself home three hours after he finished his shift. "Sorry, Love. I did it again," he'd say, as he staggered through the door.
Views:4787      Rating:6.1 / 11

Literary       Seed of DoubtBy John Conway
Solitaire handball was not enough. Bobby Fisk kicked his dusty rubber ball and surveyed the neighborhood. Madison Tucker played in her shabby yard with a set of construction toys. Bobby jammed his hands into his pockets and sneered. "What're you doing?"
Views:5015      Rating:7.7 / 50

Literary       Memory DeleteBy Victoria Grossack
Cassandra, sitting in the waiting-room, put down the pad she was holding. Even though the story was one of her favorites, she had read it so often that it had lost its ability to transport her into its world.
Views:2691      Rating:8.8 / 35

Literary       Hot HeatBy Christy Morrison
I am rage.
* * *

I feed a furnace in my belly with a constant cache of coal. It never gets low and I never burn out. It sizzles and sears; it expands and it ebbs. Still, I am in control.
* * *

I get a letter from the principal's office.
Views:5092      Rating:8.2 / 28

Literary       Lion in the GardenBy Edoardo Albert
"Mummy, there's a lion in the garden."

Mummy, who was busy cooking, released her shirt from Matthew's grubby fingers.
Views:5360      Rating:8.7 / 18

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