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Romance       Hello, Mrs. RobinsonBy Sarina Dorie
I couldn't hear my daughter's words with my head under the drier, but I could tell by her tone she was none too pleased.

"What?" I shouted over the noise.
Views:2208      Rating:6.3 / 25

Romance       A Dinner Time StoryBy Dane Zeller
Sally sat at the dining room table set for two. The candles were out and cold. The clock showed 7:39. The smell of meatloaf was nearly gone from the kitchen.
Views:2546      Rating:6.1 / 20

Romance       FigmentBy Will Ross
"I don't understand why you're so afraid of loving me, Daniel," Samantha said as we walked through the used book store together. She always wanted to hold hands in public, which made me feel a little silly. But the back of the store was nearly empty so I humored her. Her fingers laced with mine
Views:5384      Rating:7.6 / 11

Romance       Photo OpBy Lee Hammerschmidt
"Wow, it looks like I really need to get back to my Pilates class," Lucida said, glancing at the stack of photos in front of her. "Some more cardio would be good, too."
Views:5245      Rating:7.1 / 12

Romance       Waiting for GeoffreyBy James S. Dorr
Sometimes a kiss is . . .

Well, who knows really? Friendly? Motherly? Sure, sometimes kisses can be romantic. I suppose that's the best kind. But look around, you see girls kissing other girls all the time, don't you? But that doesn't mean they're all lesbians or something.
Views:4661      Rating:5.8 / 16

Romance       MoondanceBy Geoffrey C Porter
John marked the day on the calendar with a black x: the day after his 83rd birthday. Weary old hands, he thought. His hands were of note because they were marked with wrinkles and age spots. In fact, his whole body bore the marks, but he always promised himself not to regret days spent...
Views:3558      Rating:8 / 15

Romance       Something FishyBy W. R. Shaw
Fish. She'd never liked them much. Something about the cold unblinking eyes, and grotesque shapes. Take flounders - two misshapen eyes staring from one side of a bizarrely flattened body. What was that all about?
Views:3567      Rating:6.1 / 22

Romance       The Man That Got AwayBy Judith Field
After John and I split, I got a flat in a different part of town. Somewhere where I wouldn't have to see him with his new girlfriend. But with good mobile coverage. Just in case he rang.
Views:6104      Rating:6.3 / 42

Romance       Rescue MeBy MaryAlice Meli
Maribel cradled Rhonda's head as the dog rested on the steel examining table. The Irish Setter was in kidney failure, normal for a dog nearly fifteen. The woman's teary blue eyes looked into her companion's...
Views:2797      Rating:6.5 / 26

Romance       A Generous Tip By James Guin
When I swung open my front door, the summer breeze blew the smell of cheese into my nostrils and the rising steam from the sides of the box onto my face. The red pizza logo on his black cap jumped out at me, but when he lifted his head, all I could concentrate on were his dark, absorbing eyes.
Views:2311      Rating:7.5 / 20

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