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Frying Cabbage | Audio
By Sheila Crosby
Sheila Crosby lives on a small rock in the Atlantic. She's a mother, writer, photographer, translator, tour guide, librarian, gardener, belly dancer, English teacher and software engineer. One of her primary school teachers once told her scornfully, "Well, you've, got a good imagination," and she's been proving the truth of it ever since. Her website is
       Sometimes I enjoy cooking, but this wasn't one of those times. I was chopping up a cabbage for lunch. (I fry cabbage with a little bit of bacon and garlic - very good) And I was bored, bored, bored.
       The knife hit something hard. There, in the very center of the cabbage, gleamed a massive pearl, almost the size of a sprout.
       I stared, entranced. It must be worth millions! I pictured myself lying on a coral-pink beach in the Bahamas. No washing up, no laundry, no cooking, just a fit, young waiter, wearing very little, bringing me cocktails.
       But the pearl began to crack, like an eggshell.
       As I watched the pearl hatch, my imagination went wild. Clearly this was no ordinary egg, and it wasn't likely to hatch an ordinary bird or reptile. Perhaps I was about to see a dragon or a fairy. Maybe even a demon or an angel. This might be even better than a pearl.
       The edges of the crack reached around the pearl and joined. The two halves fell down. And there stood a tiny penguin.
       Well, I say a penguin. Certainly it was penguin-shaped, But instead of the usual black and white marking like a tuxedo, this one wore a Hawaiian shirt, mostly electric blue and fuchsia.
       I stared, with my mouth open.
       The penguin put the tip of his wing to his beak and wiggled it at me while he blew a long, loud raspberry.
       Then he flew out of the window. That's right. He flew.
       And I didn't even have time to grab my camera. Just my luck.
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